We love stories don’t we? They’re the language of our world. Stories are the most powerful form of communication we have.

Long before the printing press and the “bible” as we know it came to be - scripture was passed along in story form from generation to generation. The Hebrews understood God, his character and their relationship with him by looking at the stories handed down to them. They likened scripture to a diamond and hearing and looking at scripture was like turning the diamond, letting the light hit the many facets to reflect further depth, beauty and detail.

Bible storying is looking again at the great stories of the bible and working thru the “redemption arc” connecting the stories together to see God's plan to redeem mankind - from the very beginning to the birth of his church. As we look at those stories we’ll also learn more about God’s character as well as about who we are and how we are invited into his great story.

Eugene Peterson said "The Christian life is not about us; it is about God. Christian spirituality is not a life-project for becoming a better person, it is not about developing a so-called "deeper life". We are in on it, to be sure. But we are not the subject. Nor are we the action. . .The great weakness of North American spirituality is that it is all about us: fulfilling our potential, getting in on the blessings of God, expanding our influence, finding our gifts, getting a handle on principles by which we can get an edge over the competition. And the more there is of us, the less there is of God. We're called to join God and his actions in us and in the world, participating in what God is doing. When we get a picture of how our lives fit into the encompassing epic of God's Story, we begin to see our path in God's activity as his people in the world. Our focus changes. We move away from our own agendas to join God in restoring things to wholeness- -the way God created them to be. It's a focus that moves beyond personal growth to participation in God's kingdom."

We’ll learn by listening then dialoguing together about what we notice when we look at the greatest story of all. Each week we’ll add another story that builds chronologically on the week before. It’s great if you’re new to the bible or have lots of experience with it. All you need is a sense of adventure and a desire to get to know God who loves mankind and desires to be known by his creation.

Here are the story narratives we covered in our summer series:

Summer 2016:

July 3 - Week 1: Beginnings
July 10 - Week 2: First Humans
​July 17 - Week 3: Separation​
July 24 - Week 4: Cain & Abel
​July 31 - Week 5: The Flood​
​August 7 - Week 6: The Covenant
​August 14 - Week 7: Isaac​
August 21 - Week 8: Jacob & Esau
August 28 - Week 9: Joseph
September 4 - Week 10: Moses​

September 11 - Week 11: Passover

Summer 2017

July 2 - Week 12: Law & Commands
July 9 - Week 13: Sacrifices
July 23 - Week 14: Judges, Prophets & Kings
July 30 - Week 15: The Birth of Jesus
August 6 - Week 16: Baptism & Temptation and Jesus & The Pharisees
August 13 - Week 17: The Kingdom
August 20 - Week 18: Miracles
August 27 - Week 19: The New Covenant
September 3 - Week 20:
Death & Resurrection and The Church


Stay tuned for more details for our next Shaped By The Story session! For more info please contact Pastor Dean.