Sunday Morning Teaching


December is here!!!! Christmas is right around the corner and we've begun to anticipate all the family celebrations and feasting that comes with it. Here on Nashville's home-front, we will begin our Advent series, One Christmas, looking at our nostaligic expectations as to what Jesus birth was like. What we'll see is that is was one Authentic, Necessary, Gracious, Wonderful, Honest, Unexpected, Chaotic Christmas!! And it was exactly the gift that mankind needed!

Sunday December 17:
Tis the season … for gift giving! Yay! Tis also the season to come up with some perfect gifts to give! Boo! Do you feel that pressure to give someone a completely awesome, freakoutable (it’s a word), dance around the room, perfect gift? If you do then you know - it ain't easy! By the way - underwear … probably not the perfect gift. Necessary and important - yes! Perfect - not really. So there’s a lot of wisdom involved in giving gifts. The wise men who visited Jesus must have brought awesome gifts - weren’t they wise after all? This Sunday we’re going to look at these wise men - who were actually magicians and astrologers and most definitely considered outsiders by those reading Matthew’s account of the Nativity story. God, in His graciousness - brings them inside the great story of Jesus birth! We’ll look at what they have to show us about the wisdom of the world in relation to God’s perfect gift - Jesus, whom the bible calls - "the Wisdom of God.” Looking forward to our gathering on Sunday as we catch up with our Not So Nativity, Nativity drama and continue to unpack One chaotic, unexpected, honest, wonderful, gracious, authentic and necessary Christmas!

When we gather as church there's always a warm welcome, good coffee and plenty of time to hang around connecting with each other. We share in each other's joys, pray with each other in times of hurt and pain, and encourage each other as a people who are living out the love of God!

Hope to meet you!

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