Sunday Morning Teaching


Have you stopped to consider how you relate to God? What are the assumptions and beliefs that govern the way you view and act towards God? Maybe you don't relate to God at all or relate via a list of “do’s and don’ts” or “should’s and shouldn’t’s”. We may just be carrying around weights of internal expectations on that relationship that God views as outdated, unnecessary and obsolete. Jesus unleashed something radical and revolutionary - He didn’t come to extend the old or update the existing version to Religion 2.0 . Many of us may have grown accustomed and comfortable with blending the old with the NEW that Jesus brought. He said when you do that - everything gets ruined (Matthew 9:17) Jesus was all about new but not simply the kind of new that's really just the old with a shiny "improved" label on it. His new was revolutionary. His new was a radical replacement for how people would relate to God and He didn't just bring it - He unleashed it - establishing a new movement, a new agreement and a new command in the world - for the world. So what does Jesus' "new" mean for you?

Sunday March 24th - Re:New>
A couple of weeks ago I was entering the 410 to head north at the same time another car was coming in the opposite direction to also enter and head north. Both lanes funneled into one but their lane had a YIELD sign on their side of the onramp. The government actually put a sign up to make sure that drivers knew that in cases where 2 cars might occupy the same space - their lane had to slow up and allow my car to go first. They had to submit their car to my car. Me and my car - we had the right of way. Well, you can probably guess what happened next ... they didn’t YIELD! They just jumped ahead! There wasn’t an accident or anything but I did drive away with my pride oddly bruised and with an annoying illustration about man’s inhumanity to man! Okay - maybe it wasn’t quite “inhumane” but the situation and my reaction pointed to something deep inside humanity that defaults to “me first” and makes it hard to let others have the right of way.

This Sunday we’ll look at how New Covenant people deal with the internal “me firstnesses” of our hearts in order to love others as Jesus unleashed us to do! Looking forward to gathering and worshipping together!

When we gather as church there's always a warm welcome, good coffee and plenty of time to hang around connecting with each other. We share in each other's joys, pray with each other in times of hurt and pain, and encourage each other as a people who are living out the love of God!

Hope to meet you too!

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