In the movie "The Emporers Club" an idealistic professor encourages his students to grow ... as you would expect a teacher would ... but Professor Hundert is not only encouraging growth in knowledge, but also - in character. He exhorts his students with the powerful words "conquest without contribution is without significance." Encouraging them to live a life that makes a difference, before finishing with the challenging question - "how will history remember you?"

We're asking that question as we look at the powerful seed that is the Good News of Jesus. It's the power of creator God for the rescue and restoration of all life! That seed when received into the soil of hearts - the center of our wills and motivations - will grow and grow and grow and impact every area of our lives as God does His work! Ray Ortland has said "the one thing that the gospel doesn't do is nothing." This month we're looking at what "spiritual growth" can look like - what it is and isn't and how we're involved in "watering."

Sunday November 10> Extra-Ordinary!
Ever seen the movie “Rudy”? It’s about an ordinary guy who dreamed of playing football at Notre Dame. The odds were stacked high against him making the team let alone playing … yet at the end of the movie, the players, coaches and stadium crowd are chanting “Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!” This Sunday we’ll look at when we pursue loving God by loving others - the ordinary becomes extraordinary! Looking forward to engaging and worshipping together!

When we gather as church there's always a warm welcome, good coffee and plenty of time to hang around connecting with each other. We share in each other's joys, pray with each other in times of hurt and pain, and encourage each other as a people who are living out the love of God!

Hope to meet you too!

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