Sunday Morning Teaching


I'm sure we all have a favourite Christmas movie - one of mine (I have like, 10 of them!) is Elf and the story of little orphan Buddy who as a baby crawls into Santa’s bag and hitches a ride to the North Pole and a new life there. He’s raised in the company of elves and believes he is one - albeit one with incredible talents associated with his height … he doesn’t even need to stand on a chair to change the batteries in smoke detectors! While at the North Pole he learns to live by the Code of the Elves: 1) Treat Everyday Like Christmas, 2) There’s Room for Everyone on the Nice List, and 3) The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for All to Hear. Buddy eventually finds out he's a human living in an elf world and when Santa tells Buddy that he can spread Christmas cheer - he’s not talking about something superficial but sharing a love and spirit that can actually change a person’s life. Buddy leaves for New York to find his long lost father and when He finds him all he wants to do is love him and change his life. Does this sound at all familiar? Someone leaves their home so they can pursue those who are lost in order to love them and bring them fullness of life?

The Code of the Elves will point us to the real and powerful truth of Christmas and how we can experience the good news of great joy that is for everyone! (Luke 2:10)

Sunday December 9th: There's Room For Everyone ...>
There’s a lot to do at this time of year ... gifts to arrange, decorations to put up, concerts to attend, people to visit, food to prepare, not to mention for many students there are exams to write! There’s a lot to do before Christmas Eve or Christmas Day! This is a season for making lists and for checking them twice! There’s one list that no one ever wants to be on - especially at this time of year because we know Santa checks it regularly (twice even) and that's the Naughty List. Have you ever been told that unless you shape up in one way or another you’re going to be on the “Naughty List?” Maybe you didn’t even get the option of shaping up - you just got the express ticket to the list - like a VIP but not in a good way. Maybe you made a colossal mistake and failed miserably at something - leaving you feeling like a “Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins”? This Sunday morning we’ll follow Buddy the Elf’s adventure thru the 7 levels of the Candy Cane Forest, thru the Sea of Swirly Twirly Gum Drops and thru the Lincoln Tunnel as he heads to NY City to help his own father who's on the Naughty List. Buddy points us to the deeper meaning behind Christmas - because of who God is and what He’s done - no matter what label we have or list we’re on - "There’s Room for Everyone on the Nice List!"

When we gather as church there's always a warm welcome, good coffee and plenty of time to hang around connecting with each other. We share in each other's joys, pray with each other in times of hurt and pain, and encourage each other as a people who are living out the love of God!

Hope to meet you!

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