Serve N' Soccer!


Our church is excited to be part of the Bolton/Vaughan community! We care about our community and we desire to be people of God who are full of His peace, hope and love and a blessing to everyone who calls it their home as well!
Our soccer fields are a place of gathering for many families during summer evenings. We know that there are some nights when our day has been really busy and getting everybody out the door to soccer can be a real challenge! We thought that a small way we could help might be to provide some hot dogs and freezies for our neighbours who are here with their families, watching the games.

So from 6:30-8:30pm we're setting up the grill on several evenings throughout the months of July and August this summer as a small act of kindness!
Thursday July 25 > Thursday August 1 > Tuesday August 13 > Tuesday August 20

We’d love to have you help in serving others. It’s not complicated - all you need is a smile, a simple “hi” and “would you like a hot dog or a freezie”! If you can be part of our team for any of these evenings - please let us know by signing up at the welcome desk.
If you have any questions - please contact one of our pastors - Dean for more info!