The church is a people who ... have left the building!

When Jesus said He would “build” His church we know He didn’t mean with bricks, mortar and steel. The church is a people who … rather than simply a place where. We are not limited to a building. To be able to gather as the church is awesome because our desire is to be connected; to engage and support one another because we are intended to do life together. We were intended to be in community as family.

During this season when we're not able to gather under the same physical roof - we're excited that we can connect under a digital roof thru our phones, computers and TV's!

It will give us the chance, from wherever we are, to connect, sing, pray, chat and engage together!

Each Sunday morning at 10:30 we're joining online to worship God - encouraging each other as we grow in community and live out His love practically as good neighbours in our communities. So, stay in your PJ’s if you want, grab some coffee, gather your fam, and click the link below as we connect and engage together!

NRCC Together Under A Digital Roof - Sunday's at 10:30am

If you are new to our online church and want to get some basic info as to how it works - click here

If you missed last week - here's our most Recent Online Gathering: May 24, 2020

Here's a few other ways to stay connected:



We are family and we want to practice being family by helping meet needs. If you have a praise or prayer request or have a need you'd like to share with our leaders - please fill in the confidential form below. If you are aware of a need that someone else is experiencing please share that as well.