Here’s some info to help you get comfortable with what our new online portal looks like and how you can use it to connect and engage! You do not need to login or "join" to be part of the gathering. If you want to use the CHAT or LIVE PRAYER - you will be asked for a nickname but that can change each time if you want - or you can create and keep your username and login each week if you want the system to remember your nickname. Totally up to you.

To begin - navigate to our online portal. In your browser window type -

Once you’re there you’ll see the MAIN INTERFACE which looks something like this:


(A) THE TITLE BAR - has helpful links to our website, our social media, a connection card, Kids and online giving
(B) THE MAIN VIEWSCREEN - is how you’ll view things once we go live
(C) THE RESOURCE WINDOW - is how you can engage - it's where the public chat and built in bible TABS are.

We aren’t live until 10:30 Sunday morning so the main viewscreen will have a looping video on if you arrive before 10:30 on a Sunday. You can check out the links in the TITLE BAR and the online Bible in the RESOURCE window anytime regardless of whether we’re live or not.

The public chat feature will become available at the bottom of the RESOURCE window about 15 minutes before 10:30 each Sunday morning. You’ll see the CHAT TAB appear in the resource window at that point and it will remain available until about 30 minutes after we’re finished each Sunday so you can stay and chat as you might if we were in the building on a Sunday. Too bad the interface can’t provide Jenny & Gail’s amazing cookies though!

AT 10:30: The MAIN VIEWSCREEN will change, a countdown will begin and we’re together! You should then see something like this:


At that point you'll need to click the UNMUTE button in the MAIN VIEWSCREEN in order to hear! You can continue to engage using the Public Chat and Bible features - just click their respective TABS in the RESOURCE window.

The HEART emoji heart can be used to share a little love and if you click it - everyone will see it on their screens too. It's a great way to encourage.


  • During the live gathering you’ll notice (D) a button that enables anyone to request LIVE PRAYER. Live Prayer is private and not public
  • Once you click LIVE PRAYER another tab (E) will open in the RESOURCE WINDOW that only you will be able to see. If you click that tab you can then chat privately with a host (one of our elders) in order to share your request and that chat will not be viewed publicly onscreen by anyone else

As you probably know from time to time the internet is … not co-operative and you may experience some glitches with our video and audio on Sunday mornings. Often clicking the REFRESH button on your browser will solve those issues but occasionally you might experience a difficulty seeing the video feed at all. If that happens to you - please continue to refresh the screen until you see the video.

In cases of high internet volume on the platform some people may be automatically directed to a kind of “overflow room” where you’ll still be able to experience the Nashville Road gathering but the chat and live prayer features will not be available. While we don’t expect that to be a regular occurrence, we do want you to be aware just in case you do experience it.

We look forward to engaging together!