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Gifts of Giving

12/23/2017 in by Giovanna Heron   () comments

Yesterday (December 22) was said to be the busiest shopping day of the year! As individuals and families got ready for the Christmas season, the biggest celebration at Christmas for us as Christians is the gift of Christ – who came to earth for our salvation. Indeed, Christ is the reason for the season…

For many people, another big part of the Christmas season is the giving and receiving of gifts. It certainly is enjoyable to have presents under the tree, and for families with little kids, there is joy in the unwrapping of gifts – the surprise element, the wonder and hope of what could be there. Then the celebration with family and friends, and it truly can be a magical time for many. For others, there may not be so much joy. There are many this season who are without – no food, no home, perhaps no family. In the midst of our celebration, let us remember to share the gift of love with those who need it. Extending the love of Christ can be done in so many ways – visiting someone with no family, inviting folks over for dinner, donating food to a shelter, sharing the Christ story, even a kind word or smile. “Share with the Lords people who are in need. Practice hospitality” (Rom 12:13).

If you’ve heard about the 5 Love Languages, one of those love languages is Receiving Gifts. While there is certainly materialism in our culture, it is important to remember too that gifts are an act of giving or receiving love. It can seem shallow, but to another, that gift can be a visual reminder each time they see it, that you cared enough. There is thought and effort behind the gift; and the person receiving that gift feels remembered and cared for.



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