Jesus began a new agreement or covenant with those who chose to trust Him.  Just as the old covenant included laws for the nation of Israel to live by, so Jesus’ new covenant would include instructions for his followers to live by.
The rules and regulations associated with Jesus’ new covenant would be engraved in the hearts and consciences of His followers and ould easily be committed to memory because they weren’t A THEY. They were AN IT. There was just one: 
John 13:34 - A new commandment I give you - love one another as I have loved you … 
He was using LOVE as a VERB and making it a COMMAND.  As in “Go over there and LOVE that person”.It wasn't a command to FEEL something but to DO something.  
Jesus words have shifted the focus from vertical to horizontal.  Following Jesus isn't about looking for ways to get closer to God but looking for ways to get closer to people.  To look “around” rather than “up” 
The UNIFYING BELIEF of Christians is IN Jesus and the UNIFYING BEHAVIOUR of Christians is LOVE.