Kids Konnection - Sunday's
kids ages 4-11

On Sunday mornings we gather with our church family to learn and worship!  We have a special Kids Konnection planned for you each Sunday in our chapel.  It's a dedicated time each week to explore what God is saying to us through the Bible.  Kids are dismissed from the gym and can be picked up from the chapel after the gathering is over.  We look forward to seeing you! 

Meet in the gym at 10:30.  

Kids Konnection@NRCC
What's Happening right Now

It is Summer at Nashville Road Community Church and the Kids are excited.  Meeting together with the church family in the gym at 10:30, we will be be dismissed to the chapel where we have dedicated Kids chat time and a great opportunity to interact with the Bible. We encourage you to come join us!

"What Really Matters" - we are doing an 8 week series this summer learning about the most important things.  Come check it out.  There is a personalized journal for you and so much more.


Kids Konnection Info

If you would like more information about our Sunday morning Children's Programs please contact our Kids Konnection leaders and they will be in touch.

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