Welcome to the Nashville Road Community Church website!

We know this is a website and not the church.  Sometimes people associate "church" with a place or a building.  We believe that the church is "a people" rather than simply "a place."  Although we gather regularly in each others homes, in restaurants, in parks as well as at a main building - we see the church as a dynamic group of people changing and being changed as we follow Jesus together and live out the Love of God! So that means - we see ourselves as a family of missionary servants who are learning to follow Jesus and bring the reality of His love near to our neighbours and our community in Caledon, Vaughan and Brampton in practical ways!

We hope there's lots here that can be helpful to you and give you a taste of Nashville Road, but really - it's not about who we are - we are about who Jesus is!  We hope if we have the chance to meet - that you'll experience and sense that right away!

Sunday morning gatherings are a great way to check things out and as soon as you step in the door you'll receive a warm greeting and freedom to get comfortable, relax and enjoy!  If in-person's not quite your pace right now - you can also engage online with the Live Stream.

So explore the site - there's a Frequently Asked Questions page that might provide some answers if you're planning a visit to a gathering.  You can follow along on Instagram or Facebook and you can always connect with us via phone or email and we'll be happy to answer other questions you may have!

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