Praying together

"Prayer is action. By it we step out in advance of all other results ... Praying is an activity upon which all others depend. By prayer we establish a beachhead for the kingdom among peoples where it has never been before. Prayer strikes the winning blow. All other missionary efforts simply gather up the fruits of our praying. ” David Bryant

We gather to pray together for our world, our community, neighbourhoods, neighbours, families and our own lives.

We meet in our Chapel at 7pm and our next Prayer Gatherings are:

  • Tuesday January 23
  • Tuesday February 20
  • Tuesday March 19
  • Tuesday April 18
  • Tuesday May 14

Sharing Praise & Prayer

We practice being family by rejoicing together and helping meet needs. If you have a praise or prayer request that you'd like to share - please fill in the confidential form below.

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