Faith Foundations

Mark Twain said Faith is “Believing what you know ain’t so” whereas Christians say it's "Confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see" - and right there you can see the perspectives which form the classic confrontation that faith is not compatible with thinking and having it is against reason and evidence.

Those 2 perspectives play out every day whether it’s online, on tv, social media, and in classrooms and campuses across the Western world. Christianity—and faith in general—is seen as naive, simplistic, and incompatible with human reason. It might have a place in an isolated sphere or culture of life, but science and reason should occupy all of life. Science is based on truth and evidence, while faith is based on hopeful thinking and legend. Science is a search for objective evidence that leads humanity forward, while faith looks back to ancient teachings, outdated holy books, and irrational conclusions in the face of evidence.

What then is relevant and practical in talking about faith?

Our series is looking at the reality that there is nothing more practical and relevant than faith and that - everyone has it regardless of who you are; where you place it has implications for all of life and choosing to put the faith that you do have in Jesus is reasonable - rational and not voodoo!

Here are some other resources that we hope are helpful and encourage you as you consider your faith: