New Territory

Have you heard that the difference between fear and excitement is about 2 inches?  For most of us, we experience the physical sensation of fear and nervousness in the stomach.  Excitement is described as having "butterflies" while fear as being felt in the "pit" of the stomach.  The difference between the location of fear and the location of excitement is about 2-5 inches.  Often fear is felt about 2 inches lower than excitement.

Maybe you've experienced that fluid combination of fear and excitement when you went on a roller coaster or a first date or started a new job or stepped into a new school or class for the first time.  

Often we have an internal (or sometimes an external!) conversation with ourselves about how we're going to get through or past this situation or season ... how we're going to get from HERE to THERE.

The book of Joshua involves a fledgling nation of people traveling to new land - new territory.  For them that land meant more than geography - it meant security and peace.  It meant rest.  But to live in the land meant overcoming the gigantic challenges - literal and figurative.

In that respect - we're the same - although separated by 3500 years - we're looking for "land" ... but it's the geography of the soul where we seek rest.

In the book of Joshua we'll encounter the realities of faith and fear on the adventure of walking through life with God who promises His unshakeable presence and rest that lasts.

Overview of Joshua