Quarantine Quarrels

Lockdown or quarantining has a way of magnifying the frustrations...er...differences between family members, doesn't it? Some of us are talkers. Others just want quiet. Some want a family game night. Others a solo Netflix binge. And some are knocking out to-do lists, while others are FaceTiming with friends. Why are people who live in the same house - maybe even with the same genetics- so different? Kathleen Edelman would say it's our temperament. And while we're all at home during these days, our temperaments are on FULL display.

Paul in his Ephesians letter, encourages us to watch the way we talk and say only what helps build each other up. For the next few Sunday's we’re delving into how we’re wired and how that wiring - those temperaments - colour our communication with each other.

Want to know what your temperament colour(s) are - Answer this short questionnaire here