God Can't?
God Can’t?  Is that a question or a statement?  Being able to do ANYTHING seems like the basic definition for getting the title - GOD.  Like at a foundational level - God must be able to do anything.  So to say God Can’t … anything, seems a little awkward at best or arrogant at worst.

One of the terms we used to describe GOD is “Omnipotent" - which is two latin words “omni" meaning all and “potentia" meaning ability - essentially saying God is able to do anything.  But Omnipotence doesn’t mean there’s nothing God can’t do.  That might make some feel uncomfortable to put limits on God but the bible itself contains the words “God cannot” (2 Timothy 2) 

Turns out there are a few things God can’t do!  Some of the things we say God Can’t do might seem like good things to us but the fact God can’t do them are actually strengths even though they may be expressed as an inability. Rest assured - the God who can’t do those things is infinitely greater than the God we think can do anything.  

During our series we're looking at the few things God can’t do and the why’s behind them and how the incarnation of Jesus shows us the lengths God is willing to go to love humanity: will help change the way we look at the world, bring peace to the way we walk in it and help us worship as we get a clearer picture of how Great our God really is.